All about Eligo eVoting: online voting platform that digitizes voting processes

Introducing Eligo, a secure and legal online voting platform that offers customized solutions for public and private organizations. Eligo simplifies the election process, ensuring immediate and legally valid results.
TargetValue Proposition
Piattaforma di voto elettronico e online e candidature.
Eligo offers a secure and legal platform to digitize and automate the entire voting and deliberative assembly set-up: from nominations to ballots.
TargetAssociazioni, Fondazioni, Camere di commercio, Cooperative, Comuni, Aziende e Sindacati, Università e scuole, Istituti e ordini religiosi.Eligo caters to public and private organizations, providing tailored solutions for every voting need.
BenefitsSemplicità, Sicurezza, Efficienza.The Eligo platform has a simple interface, is secure, and streamlines the entire election process by reducing time and costs compared to traditional voting systems.
Unique value propositionVoto online semplice, sicuro e legale per una varietà di organizzazioni.Eligo eVoting meets legal requirements, ensuring immediate and legally valid election results.
TestimonialsAngelini Pharma, Astrazeneca, World Abilitysport, European Law Students’ Association, Lions Club International,
Customers highlight the ease of use, the efficiency of the election process for voters and administrators, and the excellence of customer service.

Value Proposition of Eligo online voting platform

Eligo offers a legal, secure, and user-friendly online voting platform that adapts to the specific needs of different realities and organizations. The platform offers the following advantages:

  • Simplicity: with one click, voters can participate in elections.
  • Security: ELIGO voting systems adhere to basic voting principles and data protection standards.
  • Efficiency: Organizations can plan and manage votes and voting assemblies in just a few steps. The process is guided and automated and centrally managed from a single platform.
  • Cost Reduction: Use of the platform dramatically reduces the need for physical voting stations and manual ballots, thus saving time and resources.
  • Customer support: Eligo’s election managers provide consistent and timely support, reducing voting stress through a smooth, non-fragmented process.

Eligo fosters digital democracy and inclusive, shared decision-making and deliberation within organizations, ensuring legal votes and results.

How ELIGO eVoting ensures safe and reliable election results

A safe and reliable election result starts with an equally safe and reliable vote.

Eligo ensures data security and confidentiality by applying state-of-the-art End to End asymmetric encryption techniques that make it impossible to decipher the voting preferences expressed.

The system also guarantees, that at no time during the election and under no circumstances, accidental or fraudulent, can a user change his or her voting preference.

In addition to this, the database containing voting preferences is protected via a VPN from outside access.

Moreover, the scrutiny process is carried out only by a user in possession of the private encryption key. Not even the owner of the system (ID Technology) can perform polling completely independently.

To top it off, this process leaves no “trace,” as it uses no intermediate database, and is repeatable. At any time after the end of the election, it is possible (again and only by private key) to repeat the operation and obtain a new report of the results.

How ELIGO eVoting adapts the solution to meet specific voting needs

The online voting platform is flexible and includes specific add-ons and modules (proxies, weighted voting, multi-factor authentication, nominations, accreditation etc.) that can cover a wide variety of voting for organizations with different statutes and regulations.