Trade Union Elections Angelini Pharma

Trade Union elections with online voting.

Angelini Pharma’s Voting Challenge.

The Angelini Pharma company, like many others, was facing a major challenge: the organization of elections for the Unitary Trade Union Representatives. These elections required significant efforts in terms of human resources and costs, being traditionally based on paper ballots sent via registered mail to eligible voters. The challenge was to automate the process, making it more efficient, accessible and compliant with current regulations.

The solution

Angelini Pharma chose to adopt the Eligo platform to make the Trade Union elections more streamlined, opting to digitize voting operations. Among the benefits achieved:

  • Turnkey organization: Angelini opted for a full-out approach, entrusting Eligo’s Election Managers with all phases of the organization, from preparations to polling
  • Training and Support: The Angelini team has received comprehensive and detailed training on the platform and how to organize elections so that they can use it independently in the future
  • Ease of Use: The Eligo platform was chosen for ease of use, thus ensuring a frictionless transition to electronic and online voting
  • Broad Participation: Thanks to the ability to vote from anywhere and with any device, Angelini Pharma has seen a significant increase in participation in the Trade Union elections, exceeding 70 percent turnout.


In summary, Angelini Pharma has embraced electronic voting with the Eligo platform, simplifying and improving the Trade Union election process, increasing participation and ensuring election security and compliance. The move to electronic voting has been a great success internally because it has ensured:

  • Simplicity and Security: The platform ensured a simple and secure voting process, with an automatic count that eliminated potential errors.
  • Savings and sustainability: The use of digital voting has eliminated the need to print and mail paper ballots.
  • Rapid Communication of Results: Angelini Pharma was able to quickly communicate election results, providing greater transparency and timeliness.
100% digitization of voting
5 times more sustainable process
Increased membership by more than 70%

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