Guaranteed voting security and transparency with Eligo.

The infrastructure and data security measures put in place by Eligo, ensure a secure environment for elections, voting, and assemblies. With recognized certifications and continuous updates, we offer the highest security and transparency for a reliable and worry-free voting experience.

Elevating the security of online voting through Eligo technology

Security and encryption

During electronic and online voting operations, security and encryption play a central role. Eligo adopts a robust security infrastructure to ensure the protection of sensitive data. Voting data and voter information are permanently separated, ensuring anonymity. The system uses advanced 256-bit cryptographic protocols for communications and implements dual-key encryption on the digital ballot box, which ensures the integrity of votes. Periodically, the system undergoes vulnerability and penetration testing by qualified experts to ensure maximum security.

Court of Rome - Sec. I - 2014 In 2015, the Judgment of the Ordinary Court of Rome on the adoption of the Eligo voting platform: "A series of technological precautions suitable to prevent misuse or improper use of the voting and to offer the greatest guarantees of confidentiality, secrecy and freedom of expression of the vote."

Court of Rome - Sec. XVI - 2021 In 2021, the Judgment of the Ordinary Court of Rome on the adoption of the Eligo evoting platform: "Acts have been filed [...] from which it emerges that the electronic voting platform prepared by Eligo Evoting & Consulting appears to be suitable to guarantee the personality, freedom and secrecy of the vote. [...] Furthermore, the risk of possible theft of passwords or possible access of "Computer Pirates" into the electronic system is possible in the abstract, but one would fall into pathological hypotheses that cannot be eliminated entirely not even in the case of exclusively cataclysmic voting, as evidenced by the cases of allegations of electoral fraud even in electoral competitions of greater riilevance."

Intuitive user interface

To encourage broad and smooth participation in elections, Eligo strives to offer an intuitive user interface. This allows voters to easily navigate through the voting process, making the experience simple and accessible. The interface is designed to eliminate barriers and encourage participation by all, regardless of technical skills, promoting broader involvement throughout the election process.


Quality of service

Software development, analysis, and IT consulting. Provision of software customization services

Quality of information management

ISO 27001 certification attests to the robustness of the system about information security

Quality of cloud solution

Cloud Provider Level Certification

Stripe OLT

Penetration test & Vulnerability assessment

Vote counting technologies

The vote counting technologies adopted by Eligo allow for real-time counts, making the polling process efficient and accurate. The system relies on established methodologies, such as the D'Hondt Method and the Hare-Niemeyer Method, to ensure fairness and transparency in election results. Votes cast are processed reliably, and counting is done automatically, minimizing the possibility of errors and irregularities in the process.

Privacy and regulatory compliance

Privacy and regulatory compliance are priorities for Eligo. The system is designed to strictly comply with privacy laws and protect voters' rights. Voting data and voter information are treated with the utmost confidentiality and are never exposed in the clear. Operations are conducted by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and local regulations. The data remain under Italian jurisdiction, ensuring maximum security and compliance with applicable laws.
In 2011, when online voting took place for an important Social Security Fund, the intervention of the Privacy Guarantor was requested regarding the verification of the secrecy of voting on the e-voting platform provided by IDTechnology srl. In the force and according to the content of the then Legislative Decree 196/2003, the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data expressed the following in the final measure of the investigation:

• ... "the possible relationship between voters and voting preferences expressed is not recorded in any table, nor can it be reconstructed from the information stored in databases."
• ...”Electronic communication takes place using cryptographic protocols.”
• ...The measures described by ID Technology are assessed to be adequate to prevent the direct identification and indirect identification of voters and votes cast, with the result that the feared risks of voter identification

Operating systems and compatibility

Eligo is designed to be highly compatible with a variety of operating systems and devices. Voters can participate in online voting using their favorite devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. This flexibility allows a wide audience to access the system seamlessly, regardless of the operating system used. The goal is to offer an accessible and inclusive voting solution.

Flexibility in implementation

Eligo offers unparalleled flexibility in implementing electronic voting platforms. Organizations can customize solutions to meet their specific needs, choosing from a range of options to suit the size and complexity of elections. Integration with management systems, list and candidate submission module, and polling place calculation based on different methodologies offer a wide variety of choices for a tailored solution.

Maintenance and upgrades

Ongoing maintenance and upgrades of software and infrastructure components are critical aspects of ensuring the proper functioning of electronic voting systems. Eligo is committed to providing ongoing support to keep systems state-of-the-art and free of vulnerabilities. Periodic updates ensure that the system remains in compliance with the latest regulations and is able to handle emerging challenges in digital democracy.

Data security and backup

Data security is critical to preserving the integrity of elections. Eligo implements robust data security measures and backup policies to protect votes and voter information. The system ensures the unalterability of votes cast before the start of polling operations. Advanced encryption techniques are applied to all data stored by the system and all backups in order to protect them from unauthorized access. Tecniche avanzate di crittografia sono applicate a tutti i dati memorizzati dal sistema e a tutti i backup al fine di proteggerli da accessi non autorizzati.

Technical support and service

Eligo provides comprehensive technical support and customer service. Our experienced team is always ready to assist organizations with their needs. We solve technical challenges and guide to ensure a smooth experience when using electronic and online voting platforms. We stand by our clients at every stage of the election process. Technology plays a central role in delivering secure and reliable electronic voting solutions. Eligo is committed to ensuring that every aspect of the technology used is state-of-the-art, enabling online, in-person or hybrid elections with maximum security, privacy and transparency. Data protection and regulatory compliance remain constant priorities, ensuring that every vote is an accurate reflection of the voter's will and helping to strengthen democracy.