University elections with online voting

The voting platform of choice for more than 120 universities worldwide, Eligo is designed to meet the specific needs of universities, ensuring efficiency, transparency and innovation at every stage of elections.

University elections with digital voting

Why Universities choose online voting.

Universities are opting for digital voting to simplify the decision-making process for students and academic staff. With Eligo eVoting, universities can ensure efficient, transparent and accessible elections, facilitating participation and improving the experience of voters and organizational staff.

What we can do for you

Presentation of Lists and Candidates

Election of the Rector

Students' Elections

Representatives of faculty and departments

Voting for the Academic Senate

Elections in the Athenaeum

Hundreds of universities use Eligo electronic and online voting solution, covering different types of votings and assemblies, from choosing the rector to student elections.

University elections with digital and electronic voting
Digital voting in universities

The advantages of digital voting are immediate authentication, automation of identity checks, and rapid counting, which save considerable time and resources.