Eligo Portal

One portal for multiple elections

A single dedicated and customized voting portal for managing multiple and simultaneous elections and assemblies in complex organizations

voting platform portal for universities and companies
eligo portal

For whom the portal is recommended

The portal is dedicated to organizations that are structurally complex and territorially widespread, with several locations, units or departments, such as Universities, Federations, Consortia, Companies, etc. that have numerous and different votes and assemblies, even simultaneously.

The Eligo Voting Portal allows, in fact, to manage multiple and simultaneous votes and assemblies. This innovative approach not only saves time and costs, but also significantly speeds up internal decision-making processes, helping to reduce the possible obstacles associated with multiple and dispersed elections.

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Voting Portal Features

The Eligo Voting Portal offers an integrated and user-friendly approach to managing elections and assemblies. With a custom voting area, organizations can coordinate and conduct multiple and simultaneous votes and assemblies efficiently and without complications. With the Eligo Portal, each voting area is like a self-contained, independent and complete universe. When each voting area is created, it inherits the portal licence with all predefined modules and configurations.