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Learn more about Eligo online voting through our frequently asked questions. Here you will find comprehensive answers to your most common questions about our electronic and online voting solutions.

Eligo eVoting at 360°

Eligo is a complete eVoting (electronic voting) and iVoting (online voting) system. The cloud and web-based platform enables online, polling station, or hybrid voting and assembly management, providing a flexible, innovative, and sustainable voting experience with full compliance with the law, security, and transparency. Used by more than 20 million voters, Eligo supports more than 4,000 organizations – Businesses, Associations, Universities, Schools, Cooperatives, Cooperative Credit Banks, Religious Orders, etc. – to automate all stages of setting up and creating votes and assemblies, offering an optimized customer experience and ensuring a net saving of time, budget and resources.

A statute is a document that contains the rules for the internal life and functioning of an organization, in compliance with the mandatory rules set by the Civil Code. It is an act that also regulates the relations between members and members and the organization. Voting and Assemblies are thus the means by which the social will is expressed, which will then be implemented by the organization itself.

It is important to consult the full copy of one’s bylaws to see if they contemplate the use of electronic and online voting. In addition, bodies and organizations that provide for administrative autonomy may choose, by contacting the appropriate contact person(s), to include from scratch, or possibly update, the mode of electronic and online voting in their Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

Eligo is a brand of ID Technology, an IT company founded in 1994. In 2005, the combination of vision and technological-functional know-how resulted in the development of Eligo eVoting and iVoting, which became a national market standard. In 2010, a Full-SaaS version of the platform was released, and in 2020, a new product declination, Eligo Assembly, was developed for the complete digitized management of assemblies.

Eligo has more than 20 million active voters, with a portfolio of thousands of organizations that have digitized the voting process and see electronic and online voting as a new reference tool to enable decision-making processes. These include: Associations, Corporations, Universities, Cooperatives, Funds and Funds, Schools, Religious Orders, Foundations, Consortia, and all those public and private organizations that have elections, voting, and assemblies.

Eligo allows you to design, even without technical expertise, your online, hybrid or in-person election event in a few simple steps. The platform is web-based, i.e., accessible from any web-browser such as Chrome, Firefox, etc.; it does not require application downloads and does not include side-by-side tools or additional plug-ins. Eligo eVoting has advanced features for centralized and intuitive management of the entire election event.

No specific devices are needed. You can use Eligo-and thus vote safely-from your computer, smartphone, and tablet with an Internet connection.

Eligo demonstrates an ongoing commitment to maintaining high quality standards with a number of certifications including:


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 270001 for information management quality
  • ISO 270001 for Cloud service quality
  • Cispe for ethicality on data management
  • Stripe Olt: Penetration testing and Vulnerability Assessment

For customized projects and at the specific request of customers, Eligo offers a set of APIs Rest, which meet the highest security standards and can support and facilitate the management of election events and voter registration. APIs can be used to integrate Eligo with external systems, such as ERP, enterprise CRM,etc.

The Eligo voting platform supports Single Sign-On (SSO) integration using the OAuth2, OpenID Connect and SAML2 protocols. This implementation is a significant step forward for the Eligo online voting platform because it greatly enhances the security and usability of the tool, providing a seamless and intuitive authentication solution. For more information, and in case you want to perform SSO integration with protocols other than those described above, please contact our team.

To activate the Eligo free trial simply fill out the form with the required data. Once you have completed the trial form, you will receive an email with your login credentials, in the email address you indicated when filling out the form. The Eligo trial consists of a 7-day free trial of the software during which you can test the basic functionalities of the platform both as an organizer and as a voter. No credit card is needed to activate the free trial and there is no automatic renewal.

The cost of Eligo eVoting depends on a number of variations. Among them:

  • The number of eligible voters: that is, the number of people who are eligible to vote within your organization.
  • Customizations: i.e., customizations of the voting process or additional modules such as Proxy Management, Weighted Voting, or the Strong Authentication module, i.e., two-factor voter identification with double submission of credentials.
  • License usage: the cost varies if you decide to use the solution in Full-SaaS (self-use) or in Full-outsourcing, a turnkey project implemented by the Eligo Team.

After completing the form for the specific Light package you selected, you will receive an email with a summary of the data you entered and detailed payment information. Once payment is made, we will activate your license and you will be able to access the voting area, ready to be configured according to your needs.
If you have any questions, please contact us at the email address [email protected]

It is possible to see a product demo by clicking on the Watch Demo button at the top of the website. Alternatively, you can fill out the Contact form with the required data or write directly to e-mail [email protected]

To request a customized quote on your ballot project, simply fill out the Contact Us form with the required information or write directly to e-mail [email protected]

To find out which solution best suits your needs, check out the product pages on our website and request a free consultation with our specialists. Then fill out the Contact form, or send an e-mail directly to [email protected] We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Eligo team provides guides, tutorial video product pills, tips and guidelines (both on the website and in the product) for clear and comprehensive onboarding. For all situations not addressed in the material provided, the ticketing service is always active. Premium telephone support service can be activated upon request.

To get in touch with the Eligo Team, take advantage of in-platform or on-site channels such as forms, chatbot, contact email, or phone number. The support and sales teams are prompt and respond within hours.

Self-use (Full-SaaS) licensing provides for complete autonomy of use by those who purchase Eligo for their own votes, assemblies, elections. In contrast, Full-outsourcing projects include full set-up and management of the event by the Eligo team, which will work alongside and support the client throughout the project. 

The standard license duration of Eligo online voting is 30 days, but depending on your needs,we also activate 3 / 6 / 12-month licenses.

No, the Eligo license does not automatically renew. When the license expires, a new activation must be performed.

The Eligo platform is web-based, i.e., accessible from any web-browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.; it does not require application downloads and does not include side-by-side tools or additional plug-ins. Eligo eVoting has advanced features for centralized, simple and intuitive management of the entire election or assembly event.

A training course is planned to be activated upon request to the relevant salesperson. In any case, for information of this kind, it is good to write to the e-mail address [email protected]

Eligo’s voting platform complies with all the regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation provided by the European Union, thanks to a standard format compliant with the new directives. In addition, Eligo adopts a qualified Cloud Service Provider compliant with ISO/IEC27001 and ISO9001 certifications and EU Regulation 2016/679. The data is managed in Eligo only and exclusively for the online and electronic voting needs of the entity itself for the proper functioning of the platform (secure user identification or technical cookies). In any case, the data will never be used for other purposes. The data is processed only and exclusively for the contractually stipulated period and for the sole purpose of the activities regarding online voting. In any case:

  • data will never be exposed in the clear
  • data will never be duplicated or transferred to third parties

Yes, Eligo eVoting guarantees the secrecy of voting. Upon vote entry, whether online voting or voting at the polling place, the vote and voter pieces of information are immediately split and saved in two separate areas. Any logical, physical, or temporal correlation is permanently lost upon entry into the digital ballot box. Eligo digitally reproduces the act of inserting a paper ballot into a ballot box making any correlation between the vote cast and the voter unreconstructible.

The entire online voting process is designed to ensure the security, secrecy and privacy of the votes cast. All the people involved, consultants, technicians and systems engineers, are highly qualified and trained and always work in absolute compliance with established and certified procedures. Eligo data and services are in the cloud at an European datacenter and guaranteed for service continuity, speed and security. Access to Eligo services is further protected by exclusive access via VPN. Data transmission is over HTTPS secure protocol. Data are stored in encrypted form for the duration strictly necessary for the conduct of voting, elections, and assemblies.

You can customize logo, template color, and welcome message in the relevant editor within the platform. Customizations are also visible in the ballots.

Add-ons are additional components that can be added and integrated to the basic functionality of Eligo. Some of the expected and most popular add-ons are:

  • Strong Authentication: identification of the e-voter is two-factor with double sending of credentials. Sending credential pair (user and password) plus sending single-use code via SMS (Token) to each participant.
  • Proxy Management: enables timely and accurate management of proxy voting, if required by statute or regulation.
  • Weighted voting: allows you to enable and manage weighted or weighted votes if provided in your ballot or assembly.
  • Voting at the polling station: enables and delivers voting credentials to participants at the convention/assembly site or at the polling station.
  • User Management Module: this module allows one to be able to add a voter even during the election or disable one if that voter no longer needs to take part in the vote. It also allows the list of voters to be displayed in real time.

Learn more in Services page.

Yes, Eligo provides flexibility and ease of use in any context. The product adapts to your needs, and even if your election event is in-person or hybrid, all of the set up (staging) and voting is digital.

The physical Polling Station module can be used to manage accreditation and voting at the polling station, guaranteeing the right to vote only to those present and allowing credentials to be printed and delivered directly to the site.

Learn more in Services page.

With Eligo, polling stations and voting booths can be configured to allow voting exclusively from these locations.

For events with part in-person voters and part remote voters, voting can always be conducted from Eligo. In-person voters can use their own device or a designated location at the event, while voters participating remotely can use the device from which they log in.

If you are the organizer/admin of the voting area you can:

  • Monitor the turnout of individual votes in real time;
  • with the User Management module you can also see the list of who voted in real time;
  • It is NOT possible to get information on voting results before the polls close.

Yes, the ballot or report of your election event will be available seconds after you start the procedure and will be downloadable in PDF format, digitally signed after the close of voting or assembly proceedings.

In Eligo it is possible to include Observer users who can monitor the progress of voting in real time and ensure its proper conduct. Observers can be members of the Election Commission or the Board of Arbitrators.

In all voting, not casting a “preference” is equivalent to delivering a “blank ballot,” and this is reported in advance to the voter as a special case and accepted as a valid vote.

Streaming services (Youtube, Facebook live, Vimeo) can be integrated into Eligo. Video conferencing systems are also easy to configure: simply enter the link of the video conferencing tool of choice (Teams, Zoom, Webex) to provide a real-time link to the meeting dedicated to assembly proceedings, where participants can actively interact. Now Eligo is also featured in the App marketplace of both Teams and Webex. Just search for it among the apps and add it. To use it after the trial period, however, you need to contact our consultants.

With partner Up2you, we have calculated the non-reducible CO₂ emissions produced by online, hybrid or in-person voting and neutralize them with projects certified to the highest international standards, Verified Carbon Standard and Gold Standard. This means that for every kilogram of CO₂ produced by voting, an equal amount of CO₂ will be captured, thus going to zero the impact of the election event. To ensure maximum security and transparency, moreover, the carbon credits managed by Up2You are certified on Blockchain and will be visible on Registry, where the amount of CO₂ neutralized and the projects supported are publicly searchable. To learn more, ask our consultants.