Digital Elections for Companies and Unions

Digital transformation in voting: a new beginning for union elections and security representatives. Eligo enables all phases of voting and assemblies to be managed nimbly and employees to flexibly exercise their right to vote.

online elections for companies and unions
digital elections for companies and unions

Why Companies and Unions choose online voting.

Companies and Unions opt for online voting to ensure an efficient, transparent and secure process, enabling members to participate actively and conveniently from anywhere. With Eligo, simplifying and modernizing elections is a step toward more accessible, state-of-the-art governance.

What we can do for you

Trade Union Representatives

Election of Workers' Safety Representatives

Factory Council Elections

Decisions of the Board of Directors

Election of Trade Union Delegates

Success story

Learn how Eligo voting solutions have enabled Angelini Pharma to customize and optimize their voting processes.

Angelini Pharma

Unions elections: Angelini Pharma streamlines voting process with Eligo eVoting.