Online Voting for Schools

Digital transformation in voting: the new horizon for school elections. Eligo provides educational institutions of all levels with a tool to simplify the voting process, with a focus on accessibility and engagement.

Electronic and online elections for schools
Electronic and online voting for schools

Why Schools choose Online Voting.

Schools are adopting online voting to streamline the election process, promoting democratic participation and inclusion of students, staff and parents. With Eligo, schools can efficiently manage voting and assemblies, ensuring transparency and compliance, while providing a modern and accessible voting experience.

What we can do for you

School board elections

Class Representative Elections

Student Council elections

Elections for the Parent-Teacher Committee

Elections of technical and administrative staff

Success story

Learn how Schools like yours are using electronic and online voting for all their elections. Remotely, in-person, hybrid.

Electronic and online voting platform for schools
Autonomous Province of Trento

Elections of the Management Committees of more than 260 public and private Preschools in the Autonomous Province of Trento.