Province of Trento committees elections

Elections of preschool management committees.

The voting challenge of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The Autonomous Province of Trento wanted to modernize elections for preschool management committees. Historically, these elections had been conducted in a traditional, paper-only, in-person manner, requiring a great deal of effort on the part of school and provincial staff responsible for organizing and managing voting operations. The goal was to make voting accessible and efficient and decrease the administrative burden. In the 2022/2025 school cycle, the Autonomous Province of Trento therefore wanted to experiment with an innovative approach, adopting digital voting to organize elections in a hybrid form, both in-person and online.

The solution

The introduction of Eligo electronic and online voting – which was used in 264 preschools for voting for teaching and non-teaching staff and parent representatives – allowed administrators to create different ballots for each provincial and parochial school in a few clicks, upload active and passive voters, and activate self-nominations. In addition, to facilitate easy access, area administrators and voters could enter the voting area via SPID and CIE. The most appreciated elements of the voting process were:

  • Customization: The Eligo platform enabled the creation and customization of both the voting operations area and individual ballots, offering greater flexibility.
  • Visualization of Candidates: Visualization of candidates through the search command was made possible.
  • Access through Digital Identity: Access through the Public Digital Identity System provided secure and fast access.
  • Efficiency in planning: Voting set-up, including the entry of voter lists, has been simplified.
  • Platform Testing: A platform test by the provincial structure in charge of preschools helped improve its performance.
  • Sustainability: Through the use of electronic voting, the printing of thousands of ballots was avoided, making the process more sustainable.
  • Flexible Access: Voters were able to participate in online voting flexibly, without the need to physically travel to the school to vote in-person.


The initiative involved 264 Trentino preschools, 500 area administrators and about 27,000 voters. Digital voting has made it possible to modernize and centralize challenging committees elections that require the work of hundreds of people. In addition to streamlining procedures, it has introduced elements of sustainability and flexibility. The use of SPID and CIE has made access to the voting area simple, secure and fast, while ensuring security and legality.

264 Trentino preschools moved to digital voting (27,000 voters)
Optimization of procedures by 90%
Process 4 times more sustainable and flexible

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