Lions Clubs International – Non profit organizations digital voting

Voting portal for a multidistrict reality.

Lions Club International’s Voting Challenge.

Lions Club International, a non-profit social welfare organization, operates widely through territorial districts. The challenge faced was to manage the voting and statutory meetings of such a large and widespread organization. It was necessary to find a flexible solution that could meet the needs of all districts and clubs. Therefore, the goal was to ensure full autonomy for each subdivision while maintaining the ability to receive timely support when needed.

The solution

To address this challenge, the Eligo team created a custom design for Lions Club International, activating a Digital Voting Portal dedicated exclusively to the non profit organization. Within the Portal, several work areas can be configured, each completely autonomous. Each voting area can be customized with functional or process changes, have multiple administrators, and include different voting modes.

This approach ensures the greatest possible flexibility, allowing each district to operate independently. Lions Club International also chose to rely on Eligo for the provision of continuous and timely support, which is essential for an organization with a widespread presence and thousands of members. In addition, the use of Eligo has resulted in significant savings in time and resources, streamlining the process of setting up voting and assemblies.


With digital voting, the organization has been able to effectively manage its voting and assemblies, allowing each district to operate autonomously, in full compliance with its own regulations and with legality and privacy. In addition, the adoption of electronic and online voting has significantly increased the participation and involvement of internal stakeholders.

Lions Club International members appreciated the absolute ease of use of the platform, which is evidenced by the increased turnout recorded in voting. Finally, customized integration with proprietary authentication systems helped ensure the security of election operations and the authenticity of participants.

100% possibility of customization and autonomy
4 times more participation and involvement of internal stakeholders
90% time savings in ballot preparation for all districts

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