Online voting and assemblies become Carbon Neutral with Eligo

Eligo is committed to sustainability, focusing its "Sustainability DNA" on green and circular practices. As part of the sustainability roadmap, ELIGO works to neutralize CO2 emissions related to online voting and digital assemblies through certified projects that reduce and offset emissions, providing transparency on blockchain.

Carbon Neutral online voting

For Eligo eVoting and iVoting, progress and innovation are in the sign of sustainability

Realizing how “Sustainability DNA” is a cultural and strategic aspect for natural and necessary change, we are designing virtuous and circular green practices.

In this global and shared design, where the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda (SDGs) compel a rethinking of business and leadership models, product distribution and service delivery, Eligo also wants to play its part.

How? With a sustainability roadmap that accelerates internal and external stakeholder engagement, has an impact in the social and environmental dimensions, and above all is verified and tracked to counter the practice of greenwashing. The first step in our sustainability roadmap is to neutralize voting and assembly with Eligo Online Voting and Eligo Assembly.

One of the advantages of an eVoting and iVoting system is the reduction if not the elimination of paper summed with the containment of CO2 emissions due to the ability to vote from any location and device without physically going to the polling station.

The impact in terms of reduction, therefore, since this is a digital process, is certainly considerable compared to traditional systems, but we wanted to go further by adopting offsetting measures and mechanisms and effectively making voting Carbon Neutral.

Using the expertise of partner Up2You, we have calculated the non-reducible CO₂ emissions produced by online, hybrid or in-person voting and neutralize them with projects certified to the highest international standardsVerified Carbon Standard and Gold Standard.

This means that for every kilogram of CO₂ produced by voting, an equal amount of CO₂ will be captured, thus going to zero the impact of the election event. To ensure maximum security and transparency, moreover, the carbon credits managed by Up2You are certified on Blockchain and will be visible on Registry, where the amount of CO₂ neutralized and the projects supported are publicly searchable.

Projects will be nature-based initiatives, such as forest preservation or reforestation, or technology – based, such as actions to support local communities. To generate shared value, thanks to a personal code each voter will be able to actively participate in the sustainability journey, choosing which project to support.

There is no sustainability without your involvement.

By deciding to neutralize and offset your voting emissions, you are investing with us in a resilient and sustainable future.