GES – Annual members meeting

Budget approved by digital vote.

Green Energy Storage’s Voting Challenge

Green Energy Storage (GES), an SME specializing in 100% green batteries, decided to remotely conduct the Annual Members’ Meeting to approve the Annual Report. This event involved 852 members, both from Italy and abroad. During the meeting, two motions were to be discussed and there were seven proxies to be handled. In addition, two types of dues were applied: Quota A, with voting rights, and Quota B, without voting rights. Given the importance of the assembly and a widespread voting base, GES needed a legal and secure meeting & voting solution.

The solution

To solve this problem, GES adopted the Eligo Assembly platform, which allows video conferencing and voting to be integrated, following the principle of Meeting&Voting. The model chosen for remote elections was Full-SaaS (self-use), which allowed GES to use the Eligo platform independently. The Internet Voting solution enabled the team to organize the assembly activities in an efficient and automated way.


The benefits found by GES for adopting digital voting are several:

  • Efficiency of the election process: digitization of voting operations-from convocation to results-allowed GES to organize everything in a few days, compared to the 3 weeks usually spent with manual processes.
  • Customization: GES has been able to customize the voting experience according to its needs, managing timely, motions and voting weights.
  • Product Usability: for both organizers and voters, the platform was found to be extremely simple and intuitive.
  • Support: An efficient support service was always available to address any questions or needs, even while using the solution independently.
  • Attendance: thanks to the flexibility of meeting & voting, attendance increased by 60%.
  • Sustainability: in addition to paper zeroing, GES chose to join the sustainability path proposed by Eligo, committing to a Carbon Neutral vote. This initiative reduced and zeroed the CO₂ emissions produced during the election event by supporting certified renewable energy projects. One example is the Hydroelectric Power Plant in Brazil, which harnesses energy from the Jordão River, preserving local biodiversity and creating jobs.
Transferring 852 members from presence to online
Efficientamento del processo elettorale del 90%
Aumento dell’affluenza del 60% grazie alla flessibilità del meeting & voting

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