World Abilitysport

General meeting of the sports federation in Thailand.

World Abilitysport’s voting challenge

World Abilitysport – an international sports governing organization for athletes with physical disabilities -was to hold an extraordinary general assembly in Thailand involving members from around the world. The need for a secure, reliable, and accessible electronic voting solution was critical to ensure a democratic and inclusive process. However, addressing the constraints of time, distance, and organizational complexity required a partner equal to the task.

The solution

World Abilitysport found the answer to its needs with Eligo eVoting. Thanks to the voting platform, World Abilitysport members were able to actively participate in the general assembly using an internet-connected device. With the support of Eligo’s dedicated team, who joined the sports federation in Thailand for the occasion, the transition to online voting was smooth and easy, providing a fluid, transparent, and engaging voting experience for all participants.


The results achieved through the implementation of Eligo eVoting enabled World Abilitysport to conduct the general meeting efficiently, saving valuable time and reducing assembly set-up costs. Vote security was ensured through Eligo’s advanced encryption, offering complete protection against any fraud or manipulation attempts. Positive feedback from participants confirmed high satisfaction in using the platform, emphasizing the ease of use and accessibility offered by Eligo eVoting.

Watch the video testimony.

In-person assembly in Thailand
Reduced assembly set up costs
100% positive feedback from participants

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