European Law Students’ Association

LXXI National Assembly: fast set up and real-time polling.

The European Law Students’ Association’s Voting Challenge.

ELSA, The European Law Students’ Association, is a global organization connecting more than 40,000 students and recent graduates in 44 European countries. The association has set itself the goal of improving the education of students in legal subjects by serving as a bridge between the academic and professional worlds. One of the challenges ELSA Italy faced was the organization of its assemblies and voting, particularly the important National Assembly, which brings together members from all over the country. The need was to simplify the process, reduce the time required and associated costs, as well as ensure the security of voting.

The solution

To meet this challenge, ELSA Italy embraced digital innovation and adopted Eligo, an online voting platform. During the LXXI National Assembly, they implemented Eligo, which proved to be an extremely efficient, secure and intuitive option, even for an audience unfamiliar with technology. The solution-which digitizes the set up and management of all phases of voting and voting assemblies-resulted in a significant reduction in the waiting time for voting, allowing the entire process to be streamlined and ensuring a fast and human error-free ballot.

In addition, the time saved has been reinvested in more productive activities for the association. The ongoing partnership with Eligo has also made it possible for all ELSA Italy Local Sections to use the platform for their assemblies, ensuring consistency and security in decision-making at all levels.


The adoption of Eligo has resulted in a number of positive outcomes for ELSA Italy. First, national assembly elections have become significantly more efficient and faster, minimizing the risk of human error. This has allowed the association to focus more on valuable activities and member interaction. In addition, the platform has proven to be a secure and legal means of casting votes, ensuring maximum protection of voter data.

The ongoing partnership with Eligo provides continuity and ease of use across all ELSA Italy locations, underscoring the importance of consistent and secure decision-making processes. Ultimately, ELSA Italy has embraced technological innovation, simplifying and enhancing its operations, which has helped it achieve a new level of efficiency in its voting and assembly activities.

Polling 4 times faster and free of human error
Reduction of 90% in waiting time for voting
Five times more secure process, ensuring maximum protection of voter data

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