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Hybrid membership meeting with 200 voters for Wires, Women in Real Estate Spain

Wires voting challenge, Women in Real Estate Spain

Wires, Woman in Real Estate Spain – an association recognized for its leadership in the real estate industry-was faced with the challenge of conducting its first digital ballot during the 9th Members’ Assembly, held on April 1 at the Official College of Architects in Madrid. With 200 voters and 11 different ballots, including the election of candidates for various crucial areas of the organization such as Treasury, Communications, and Talent, the event required agile and accurate management of the voting process, both in person and remotely.

The solution

With the ongoing assistance of Eligo eVoting, Wires managed multiple votes during the assembly. Adopting digital voting for the first vote, the organization set up and conducted the assembly proceedings without complications, from the call to the final results. During the event, Eligo’s support team was connected live on Teams, ready to step in and provide assistance to committee and voters in real time, ensuring that everything ran smoothly. The results of each ballot were displayed and projected live during the event, creating engagement while providing transparency and clarity to participants both on-site and online.


Thanks to the Eligo system, Wires – also praised by María Teresa Verdú Martínez, Director General of Housing and Urban Agenda – experienced remarkable success in its first digital voting experience. Despite the complexity of the ballots and the hybrid mode of the event (hybrid membership meeting), the voting platform ensured a streamlined and smooth process that was appreciated by both administrators and voters. In addition, during the meeting, thanks to a large turnout and active participation, important changes to the bylaws were approved, including the creation of the Talent and Work section, demonstrating the organization’s willingness to promote the professional development of its members.

Hybrid membership meeting
200 voters online and in attendance
Results projected live during the event

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