Ordinary meeting in hybrid form for UNI

Ordinary meeting of hybrid members of UNI, Italian Standards Body

UNI’s voting challenge

UNI – Italian Standards Body is the private association, recognized by the Italian State and the European Union, that for over 100 years, has been developing, publishing and disseminating ISO standards and voluntary technical standards that aim to improve the performance, safety and quality of products, services, people and organizations. Across all sectors of society.
UNI commissioned the Eligo team to organize its regular meeting in hybrid form. This event combined physical presence at the Scuderie di Palazzo Altieri with remote participation via Zoom, allowing members to vote on key decisions and outline a promising future for the organization, in collaboration with standards bodies belonging to G7 nations. The Assembly included voting on several agenda items, includingapproval of the 2023 Budget and Sustainability Report, acceptance of new members, and setting membership dues for 2025 and budget for 2024.

The solution

We collaborated with Uni to orchestrate an innovative and inclusive hybrid assembly. Using our online voting platform, we ensured an efficient and secure process, every step of the way.
The first step was registration aimed at collecting the willingness to participate and the necessary documentation from the more than 4,000 members. Specifically, through a personal login link each member was able to provide the required information such as identification documents, contribution payment status, and proxies. This phase lasted 15 days, and thanks to the registration form, UNI was able to verify the data received, thus obtaining a complete and updated registry of assembly participants.
Thesecond phase was the opening of the assembly session with President Giuseppe Rossi’s speech, followed by the items on the agenda and the Paolo Scolari 2024 award.
Thethird was the actual formalassembly during which each member had the opportunity to vote through their own device using Eligo credentials. In addition, 10 support voting stations were also set up from which participants could connect to the voting area. The 224 eligible voters could express their preference on the 5 voting cards, including for their proxies. The conduct of the assembly in a hybrid format ensured its legality and compliance with current regulations through the smooth transmission and immediate sharing of results, for each voting point.


The hybrid form of the regular meeting was actively attended by 180 members, with about 30 present on-site and the rest connected via Zoom. Our technology solution enabled flawless management of each voting ballot, promoting transparency and efficiency in decision-making. Results were displayed in real time, facilitating rapid ratification of crucial decisions for UNI’s future. With the help of Eligo technology, UNI set a new standard for innovation and transparency in membership meetings.

224 eligible voters and 5 ballots cast
80.35% turnout and participation
Recording, Voting and Directing by Eligo

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Ordinary meeting in hybrid form
Ordinary meeting in hybrid form for UNI
Ordinary meeting of hybrid members of UNI, Italian Standards Body
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