The National Academy of Dance’ online vote process

Online voting by consensus formula.

The National Academy of Dance’s Voting Challenge.

The National Academy of Dance, an institution of higher cultural education, wanted to strengthen the security of online elections. The voting process needed to secure the voter’s identity and prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access. In addition to standard security measures, the Academy wanted to take additional precautions to ensure the integrity of voting.

The solution

To meet the Academy’s demands, Eligo proposed the integration of the “consent formula” as part of the online vote process. This additional formula requires voters to confirm their identity and state that they meet certain conditions. For example, the voter must affirm that he or she is a registered member of the organization, is current with membership dues, and has received credentials through the registered email address.

The integration of the consent formula adds a layer of accountability for eligible voters. This means that voters must truthfully declare their qualifications and fulfill all requirements before they can access the voting area. Any attempt at fraudulent access could result in internal sanctions.


With the implementation of the consensus formula, the National Academy of Dance conducted its statutory voting with a greater sense of security and peace of mind. This tool ensured that only those eligible to vote could participate in the election, greatly reducing the risks of unauthorized access. It also simplified the process for the organization, which can now rely on a secure and reliable system for its online vote process.

Process 4 times through integration of consent formula
100%reduction in unauthorized access to participate in elections
Simpler and more reliable process

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