Libera – Non profit organizations online voting

Eligo online voting with joint and disjointed proxies.

Libera’s voting challenge

Libera, an association committed to fighting mafias and promoting social justice, was faced with the challenge of continuing to hold participatory votes and assemblies, despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. The need to involve members, subscribers and supporters in assemblies-hitherto only in attendance-presented a significant challenge, but one that was essential to keeping the association’s commitment alive.

The solution

To overcome this challenge, the Libera Association chose to use the non profit organizations online voting platform provided by Eligo. The solution enabled Libera to set up and manage all phases of the assemblies digitally. In particular, the association took advantage of the flexibility offered by the Eligo platform to customize the election event according to its needs. Among the key features, Libera enabled both joint and disjointed proxies.

In the case of disjointed proxies, each voter was allowed to hold one or more proxies and vote differently for each, providing greater electoral flexibility. On the other hand, with joint proxies, the voter was able to block votes with only one indication.

The Eligo platform provided Libera organizers with an intuitive control panel that allowed them to easily associate and view the various proxies. This tool allowed them to manage proxies in real time and cancel in case of sudden changes during the assembly. In this way, the organizer constantly had a clear view of the progress of the assembly and could check whether the necessary quorums for opening additional agenda items had been met.


By digitizing voting and assemblies, Libera has achieved significant benefits. First, the association has been able to fully customize its full-remote assemblies, leveraging elements such as proxies to engage participants in innovative ways.

In addition, the usability and ease of interaction with the Eligo digital voting platform were widely appreciated.

The association has been able to engage its members with innovative ways of voting and has successfully overcome the challenge of keeping decision-making active, even in times of pandemic. In sum, thanks to Eligo, Libera has been able to cultivate participatory decision-making processes while providing the security, flexibility, and regulatory compliance necessary to advance its mission in the fight against mafias and for social justice.

Transition from in-person voting to online voting
100% customization flexibility
Ability to manage voters in less than 3 seconds in the face of sudden change

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