Municipality of Mazara del Vallo

Neighborhood committee elections.

Mazara del Vallo City Council’s voting challenge.

The Municipality of Mazara del Vallo was faced with a significant challenge: to broaden active citizen participation in elections for neighborhood representatives, known as “neighborhood classes.” Initially, the administration wanted to reactivate participatory tools such as city councils, which had been inactive for years. The municipality also had the ambition to involve young citizens and gather their voices. The main goal was to promote co-design and listening to citizens, allowing Mazara del Vallo, a medium-sized city, to open up to broader participation.

This task was not without its organizational challenges, considering the needs to simplify voting processes and ensure their effectiveness while facing numerous operational complexities. It was essential to find a solution that would make digital voting possible and, at the same time, simplify municipal operations.

The solution

To meet this challenge, the Municipality of Mazara del Vallo chose Eligo because of the platform’s reliability and the possibility of creating a custom project. Thanks to a collaborative approach, the Sicilian municipality was first able to define the boundaries of the neighborhoods within the municipal territory and create a system to digitize the available data, and then solve the difficulties involved in implementing a digital participation project that would ensure the involvement of citizens of all ages.


The implementation of digital voting in neighborhood committee elections has led to significant results. Initially, the municipality addressed citizens’ concerns, particularly those related to access to voting by the elderly. “Voting points” were established for this, where citizens less accustomed to technology could receive assistance and the necessary credentials to vote. This greatly simplified the process. In addition, the municipality maintained constant communication with Eligo to promptly resolve any problems that arose.

Citizens noted that online voting made the process freer and less subject to control, providing a sense of freedom and ensuring a high level of security. This partnership between the Municipality of Mazara del Vallo and Eligo demonstrated the ability to interact and willingness to overcome obstacles, creating an effective working relationship between the parties. The partnership helped revitalize citizen participation, making voting more accessible and secure, and highlighted the importance of embracing the future of digital voting.

100& customized project
80% increase in participation
Process 4 times freer and more flexible

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