Slow Food – National congress hybrid vote

Hybrid X Congress with online voting

Slow Food’s Voting Challenge.

Slow Food Italy, an international nonprofit association committed to restoring the value of food, was to hold its 10th National Congress in hybrid mode, with 250 delegates physically present and 500 participants remotely connected. The pandemic had necessitated a hybrid approach to ensure compliance with social distancing measures.

The solution

Slow Food Italy chose to use the Eligo eVoting platform to allow all participants, both online and physically present, to vote directly through the Eligo platform. Access to the platform was made simple and intuitive, allowing even those who were not particularly familiar with new technologies to participate in voting in a timely manner.

The integration of the Strong Authentication module, i.e., one-time password authentication, further strengthened security by requiring a temporary code sent via SMS to complete access to the voting area.


The platform streamlined and sped up the setup of the various agenda items and generated automatic and immediate voting results. This aspect allowed organizers to focus more on issues relevant to the association rather than spending time counting votes and managing the electorate.

Eligo ensured security and ease of use, making it possible for all participants, even those less familiar with new technologies, to participate in voting quickly and accurately. The solution overcame the challenge of organizing a hybrid congress during a pandemic, demonstrating the value of the digital voting platform in managing complex decision-making processes.

250 delegates physically present and 500 participants connected online
Platform 4 times more secure with Strong Authentication module
100% success of a hybrid conference with both in-person and remote participants

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