18th National Assembly of Catholic Action

18th National Assembly of Azione Cattolica Italiana with open and secret voting.

Catholic Action’s voting challenge

Catholic Action – a lay Catholic association aimed at collaborating with the ecclesiastical hierarchies of the Catholic Church-has asked for Eligo’s support to organize a crucial electoral event-the 18th National Assembly – from April 25-28. An important moment of democracy and participation to synthesize and envision the future of the organization, with the election of theNational Presidency and more specifically the election of the Adults, Youth and ACR representatives in the National Council. An in-person event at Fraterna Domus on the outskirts of Rome, with open assemblies and voting and secret ballots on April 27 from 3 to 10 p.m., for a total of 3 ballots out of candidates and 645 eligible voters.

The solution

We worked in synergy with the Italian Catholic Action committee to manage one of the organization’s biggest events in a coordinated and timely manner. Through the Eligo voting system, we set up voting and assemblies, setting up 5 stations at the venue to collect voting credentials and 10 voting booths equipped with 10” touchscreen tablets and QR code scanners to access the voting area and ensure secret and secure voting. With partner Lumi Global, we also supported open voting via Televoter. Given the scale of the event, three Eligo specialists were on site to manage voting on the platform, support voting via devices, and help, if required and necessary, voters in the booth.


The Association’s first digital ballot was an outstanding success. With 99 percent participation of eligible voters, 639 out of 645 people nimbly exercised their right to vote. Thanks to our in-person support with dedicated poll workers and technical assistance, Italian Catholic Action set a new standard of efficiency and transparency in its elections.

3-day Assembly
10 voting booths with tablets
Overt and secret voting

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18th National Assembly of Catholic Action
18th National Assembly of Azione Cattolica Italiana with open and secret voting.
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