Municipality of Palermo

Active Democracy in Palermo: Urban Redevelopment through Digital Voting.

Palermo City Council’s voting challenge

In the context of Regional Law 5 of 2014, the City of Palermo was faced with the challenge of actively involving citizens in deciding how to use regional funds, promoting participatory democracy. With 85 competing projects, from the redevelopment of urban spaces to cultural and social initiatives, the challenge was to ensure a transparent, accessible and engaging selection process.

The solution

To address this challenge, the City of Palermo adopted the Eligo platform for active citizenship. Through this innovative solution, it was possible to extend online voting for project selection, allowing citizens to express their preferences easily and immediately. The customization of the voting page, access through a dedicated link, and clear instructions made the voting process intuitive and immediate.


The implementation of the ELIGO digital voting platform led to a remarkable success in online voting for the selection of redevelopment projects. With more than 150,000 eligible voters involved, the active participation of citizens was evident. The transparency, security and efficiency of the process contributed to the achievement of tangible results.

The four highest-voted projects received funding, resulting in redevelopment initiatives that reflect the real needs and preferences of the Palermo community. This experience demonstrated once again that digital elections for municipalities (the combination of digital democracy and advanced technology) can transform civic participation, leading to decisions that are more inclusive and responsive to the needs and desires of the local community.

Customization of the voting page by 100%
Participation 90% higher: 150,000 eligible voters involved
Process 5 times more transparent, safe and efficient

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