Exallieve FMA multilingual online voting

Multilingual Eligo for online voting.

The voting challenge of the Confederation of Maria Ausiliatrice.

The Confederation of Maria Ausiliatrice represents an international organization with a large voter base made up of former students and alumni of the Daughters of Maria Ausiliatrice. The linguistic diversity within this community is considerable, and managing voting and assemblies effectively and inclusively became a challenge. It was essential to ensure that all participants could access the voting and understand the process, regardless of their native language.

The solution

Team Eligo understood the importance of this challenge and worked closely with the Confederation of Maria Ausiliatrice to develop a tailored solution. An election area was created that offered a bilingual interface in Italian and English to access the system. In addition, to help familiarize participants with the platform, a bilingual guide was provided along with login credentials.

Once logged in to the voting area, each voter was able to select the language of his or her preference through a simple command, thus customizing the interface according to his or her language needs. This solution made the online voting process much more accessible and inclusive for all eligible voters, regardless of their native language.


The implementation of multilingual online voting has led to significant results for the Confederation of Maria Ausiliatrice. The management of voting and international assemblies required by the Constitution and Bylaws has been significantly improved. The solution has increased the overall level of quality, efficiency and security of decision-making within the organization. It has also further strengthened cohesion and participation within the international organization.

2+ languages spoken by participants
100% understanding and awareness by participants of the voting method and rules, being in their native language
80% increase in participation

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