Mensa Italia – Digital proxy assembly

Digital Assembly with Proxies.

Mensa Italy’s voting challenge

Mensa Italia, an international association with a large membership base in Italy, was faced with the challenge of organizing an internal assembly last spring. With the goal of involving its members in the decision-making process and streamlining the election procedure, the association needed a practical and intuitive solution that would allow all members to participate, regardless of their geographic location.

The solution

To meet this challenge, Mensa Italia opted for Eligo digital voting. The association chose to manage the voting assembly itself using a self-use license. To make the voting process even more flexible, Mensa Italia integrated the Disjointed Proxies module, allowing eligible voters to hold one or more proxies and vote differently on each.


Eligo’s simple and intuitive digital proxy assembly allowed Mensa Italia to manage the internal assembly completely autonomously. During the assembly, the organizers constantly monitored the progress of the meeting, resolving any election issues in real time. At the close of the assembly proceedings, the platform automatically generated a PDF report, digitally signed, collecting all voting details, including times, election register and results, thus providing a legal and reliable account of the entire assembly.

100% participation of all members distributed in different parts of Italy
Interface 4 times more intuitive and simple
Genration of the report with all the details of the vote, at the end of the assembly, 100% automatically

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