Rescue Drones Network

Digital voting to engage members throughout the territory.

Rescue Drones Network Association’s Voting Challenge.

The Rescue Drones Network Association is a volunteer Civil Defense organization with a vital mission: searching for and rescuing missing persons and monitoring the environment using drones. However, the association was faced with a crucial challenge: how to manage membership assembly voting efficiently and inclusively. With members scattered throughout Italy, in-person voting was an impractical option: a digital solution that was state-of-the-art and legally recognized was needed.

The solution

To address this challenge, the Rescue Drone Network Association adopted Eligo to significantly reduce voting time and quickly manage access to only eligible members. In addition, Eligo simplified the management of voting and provided the ability to insert explanatory notes, making the process more transparent and understandable for all members. This digital solution proved to be perfectly aligned with modern times and the specific needs of the Association.


The adoption of Eligo has produced tangible and positive results for the Rescue Drone Network Association. The platform has greatly improved the efficiency of voting within the organization, enabling members scattered throughout Italy to participate actively and smoothly. Limited access to voting members has ensured the legitimacy of decisions made during meetings.

Ultimately, the collaboration with Eligo demonstrated how a digital solution can be effective, efficient, and legally recognized to meet the specific needs of a volunteer organization operating throughout Italy. This successful case highlights how Eligo is a valuable tool for promoting democracy and participation, even in complex contexts such as that of the Rescue Drone Network Association.

90% reduction in voting time
Process 4 times more transparent and understandable
Voting participation of 100% of members, scattered throughout Italy

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