Election of president and presiding board during hybrid membership meeting.

Assocalzaturifici’s voting challenge.

With more than 450 member companies, Assocalzaturifici, a founding member of Confindustria Moda and promoter of MICAM 2024, represents the leading national network in the footwear manufacturing sector. The Association was faced with the challenge of conducting, entirely digitally, theExtraordinary Assembly for the election of the President and other important social offices, for the four-year period 2023-2027. The main objective was to ensure a high participation rate and an efficient voting process.

The solution

Assocalzaturifici has adopted the Eligo solution for hybrid meeting. With attendance monitoring to validate the constitutive and deliberative quorum in real-time, and after configuring weighted voting during the assembly set-up phase, participants both online, connected via Zoom, and in-presence were simultaneously given the ability to vote on agenda items with their Internet-connected devices. Voters could access the voting area, without having to enter a username and password, but directly from a unique and personalized link for each eligible voter, sent via email during the assembly.


Thanks to the digitization of voting operations, carried out jointly with the support of Eligo, a simple and safe experience was ensured for all voters. The hybrid-form assembly recorded an incredible 98.40 percent participation rate. The confirmation of Giovanna Ceolini as president of Assocalzaturifici and the election of the new board of directors were achieved through a fast and smooth voting process, with a broad membership buy-in. With the implementation of the digital voting solution, the association once again demonstrated that it is at the forefront of adopting digital technologies to ensure efficient and inclusive decision-making processes for its members on this occasion. 

Hybrid membership meeting
Validation in realtime of constitutive and deliberative quorum
98.04% participation

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Election of president and presiding board during hybrid membership meeting.