Porto Rotondo Consortium Annual Meeting

Hybrid assembly with 800 voters for Porto Rotondo Residence

The voting challenge of the Porto Rotondo Consortium.

The Porto Rotondo Consortium, established in 1969 as a representation of land and property owners in the area, has managed the entire territory for more than 50 years. With more than 3,000 property units and about 2,500 consortium members, the Consortium plays a key role in the management and governance of the area. The Consortium’s goal was to digitize a complex and entirely paper-based voting process to run the annual meeting in a hybrid form (hybrid assembly), with members both in attendance and connected via Zoom. The annual meeting involved more than 800 eligible members, with more than 15 items to be voted on, including the appointment of the chairman, approval of the budget, and the appointment of the director and supervisory board members, and included different types of proxies and thousandths-weighted voting. An intricate set of assembly operations that required careful and meticulous management of each step of the process and needed to be digitized in order to shorten time and save the budget usually allocated.

The solution

For the entire project, the Porto Rotondo Consortium adopted the Eligo Assembly platform, customized according to the specific needs of the entity. A multidisciplinary team from Eigo, together with partner VMA – Virtual Meeting Assistant, synergistically supported the client all the way, from the set up of the assembly proceedings, to the voting ballots, from the dynamics of participation with in-person accreditation, to integration with videoconferencing systems for members connected online, and coordination of field staff, ensuring a smooth transition to a digital assembly.


The results exceeded the expectations of Consortium members. The annual meeting had the highest attendance in the Consortium’s history, with more than 85 percent of active eligible voters. Not only that, the assembly ended in a short time, thanks to the smooth and efficient digital voting procedure. Participants expressed positive feedback, especially appreciating the ease of use of the Eligo Assembly platform. In addition, ballots and results-usually processed over several days manually-were shared in real time, further increasing participants’ engagement and confidence in the entire decision-making process.

eligo assembly porto rotondo residence
Hybrid assembly with 800 voters
15 items to be voted on during the Assembly
Over 85 percent turnout

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