FutureDem e-voting for congresses

Customized congresses and online voting.

FutureDem’s voting challenge

FutureDem, a progressive-inspired political culture association, needed to organize a customized online ballot. The challenge was to ensure that the platform used was highly flexible and could adapt to the association’s specific needs. In addition, it was important to be able to manage the voter list in real time, allowing for voter changes during the voting process.

The solution

FutureDem turned to Eligo, using the electronic and online voting platform, to create a customized online vote. With Eligo’s range of features, FutureDem was able to plan an online vote tailored to its needs. A crucial aspect of this solution was the ability to monitor voters who had already cast their votes in real time.

In addition, the platform allowed voter change during the voting process, creating a dynamic voter register. To ensure transparency, Eligo did not allow the removal of a voter from a ballot after it had been confirmed. However, FutureDem requested an exceptional operation in which a voter had to be inhibited from voting, and this request was met with the activation of a dedicated command. The association also appreciated the excellent usability and maximum versatility of the Eligo platform, which made the whole voting process smoother and more streamlined.


Through the adoption of e-voting for associations, FutureDem has achieved significant results. The association was able to create online voting tailored to its needs while providing the flexibility required to manage the voter list in real time. The ability to monitor voters in real-time enabled accurate control of the voting process, while still ensuring efficient and transparent conduct.

In addition, the activation of dedicated commands made it possible to deal with exceptional situations in a timely and professional manner. The FutureDem Association praised the quality of Eligo’s Service Desk, which provided comprehensive and high-quality assistance throughout the voting process.

100% ability to monitor voters in real time
Voting process 4 time smoother and streamlined
Comprehensive support and assistance 7 days a week

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