How e-vote for associations and online voting strengthen democracy

The use of electronic and online voting strengthens democracy in Associations. Digitization of voting and assemblies enables simplified management, reduces costs and increases active participation of members, ensuring equality and transparency in decision-making.

E-vote for associations

Associations are the social glue and perform an important service: they increase the community’s sense of responsibility, raise awareness of important issues, and are able to build real virtuous circles. Thinking about it, in the current context the best things come from associationism, and associations today are the bulwark of democratic presidium.

According to an Istat census, there are more than 308,000 associations in Italy that are widespread throughout the country and intervene in multiple areas, from cultural and sports to including entities engaged in education and research.

Associations and Bylaws

Every association provides for a deed of incorporation or bylaws, that is, the contract by which the members agree on the basic rules about the life of the entity its functioning, internal organization and social purposes.Every association is built and founded on shared values, intentions and practices. Democraticity is one of the fundamental and qualifying characteristics of an association. That is why the participation of every member and subscriber is definitely important, and everyone’s vote can make a difference.

Statutes and regulations provide for numerous deliberative votes and assemblies such as elections of Executive Boards, Boards of Directors, President’s Elections, Approvals of budget and financial statements etc whose results greatly impact the life and future of the association itself. For this reason, their management and organization is a delicate but also stressful time considering the workload required for this type of activity and the need to involve everyone in the democratic process.

Digital voting: reducing costs, increasing participation

So how can Associations reduce the time, cost of running and setting up voting and assemblies, while increasing the active participation of their members at these times?

Abandoning obsolete systems and opting-as the Reform of the Third Sector also provides-for the integration of digital technologies in all aspects of ordinary activities-including the organization of votes and assemblies-suitable for ensuring knowability and transparency in favor of the public and its members.

In effect, e-vote for associations enables simplified and centralized management of election events online, in-person, or in mixed form; ensures savings of more than 80 percent on costs associated with voting or assemblies; creates a level playing field for all members, regardless of their location or circumstances by allowing anyone to vote from any location and device during election days; and streamlines decision-making by reducing the time it takes to reach consensus.

E-vote for associations: a must-have

Digital voting will therefore not be a trend of the future, but a beneficial must-have for Association elections.