Aixia – Digital elections for associations

Elections and assemblies with distributed membership.

Aixia’s voting challenge

Aixia, Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence, was faced with a challenge of considerable proportions: how to manage elections and statutory meetings in an association spread throughout the country? With 1,000 voters spread across several regions of Italy, it was clear that the traditional approach to elections-paper and in-person only-would not be sufficient.

The solution

The solution to this challenge emerged with the adoption of the Eligo platform for electronic and online voting. Aixia opted to digitize voting operations, enabling its members to participate remotely while ensuring the security and privacy of elections. Using the self-use solution, the association gained autonomy in organizing voting and assemblies, eliminating barriers related to geographic distance.


The results of this transition have been remarkable. With the Eligo platform, AIXIA has accelerated the decision-making process within the association. The ability to hold self-use votes and assemblies has made the process more efficient and eliminated delays associated with physical meetings.

More than 1,000 voters were able to participate conveniently remotely, greatly simplifying member engagement. The usability and simplicity of the Eligo tool helped make the entire voting experience more accessible. By digital elections for associations, Aixia has not only overcome the logistical challenge of distributed voting but also created an environment where active participation is fostered and decision-making is optimized.

Participation 4 times higher: 1000 members
100% elimination of barrier related to geographic location
Process 5 times more accessible

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