CFT Cooperative Elections

Voting with smartphone

CFT’s voting challenge

The CFT Group, a cooperative enterprise specializing in integrated logistics services, was faced with a challenge common to many cooperatives: managing complex voting within a multi-level cooperative structure. With different Areas, Territorial Committees, Regional and Provincial Directorates, cooperatives require a flexible voting system that can adapt to the different voting needs of members.

The solution

The CFT Group turned to Eligo to handle any type of voting, from office elections to budget ratification, from primaries to Trade Union elections, from referendums to online consultations. The platform’s flexibility and usability became the main distinguishing features that guided the CFT Group’s choice. Eligo offered the CFT Group the ability to centrally manage cooperative elections, greatly simplifying the organization process.

Setup steps, from voter management to immediate counts, were automated, saving dozens of man-hours and thousands of euros that would have been required with traditional voting systems (paper and in-person only). Security and privacy compliance were another key reason why the CFT Group chose Eligo eVoting. The voting platform guarantees the integrity, authenticity and secrecy of voting expressions, which are essential selection criteria for the group.


Thanks to Eligo, the CFT Group has achieved outstanding results. The flexibility of the platform facilitated maximum member participation by simplifying the digital voting process. Members were able to vote easily via smartphone, contributing to a significant increase in voting turnout.

More than 5 different areas with different voting needs
Staging, voter management and counting phases 100% automated
85% of members voted via smartphone increasing voting turnout

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