SICVE – Congresses with electronic voting

Conventions and congresses with digital voting.

SICVE’s voting challenge

The Italian Society of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery (SICVE) was faced with the challenge of managing medical and scientific conferences and congresses, including complex voting processes. It was essential to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of voting so as to avoid errors and make the voting process more inclusive.

The solution

With Eligo, SICVE has been able to digitally organize conferences, conventions and congresses with electronic voting in a variety of ways: remotely, in-person or in hybrid form, while complying with strict security standards and election regulations.

Key to the solution was the use of a platform capable of automating voting operations: ballot creation, uploading passive and active voters, member communication, and producing results in real time. In addition, the usability of Eligo and the flexibility of the voting methods encouraged participation. SICVE was able to involve more participants in its congresses with electronic voting due to the convenience and simplicity of the voting system.


With the use of electronic and online voting, the organization and conduct of voting at medical and scientific conferences and conventions have improved dramatically. The system has zeroed in on the often tedious and stressful manual procedure. The adoption of a digital voting platform has resulted in significant savings in time, resources and budget.

SICVE no longer had to deal with the costs associated with manual counts or card printing. The process became efficient and error-free. Increased participation and increased SICVE’s reputation are further positive results. Through the choice of transparency and innovation offered by Eligo, SICVE has enhanced its image among stakeholders and demonstrated that it is at the forefront of the medical-scientific industry.

Voting accuracy of 100%
Organizing conferences in 3 modes: remote, presence, hybrid
Saving 80% time, budget and resources

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