GEDI Publishing Group company online voting

A dedicated voting portal for all the yearly elections

GEDI Publishing Group’s voting challenge

The GEDI Group, a major publishing company, needed to streamline its internal elections. As a complex and articulated group, it needed to unify the elections held in different locations, while ensuring maximum autonomy and secrecy for each of them.

The solution

The GEDI Group has chosen the Eligo portal. This portal was structured to meet the specific needs of the different locations within the group and to group different election areas, each with specific elections. With Eligo’s advanced features, the company was able to achieve maximum flexibility without compromising the secrecy of voting or the autonomy of the different locations.

This solution is particularly useful for organizations with provincial, regional, and international offices that need to run separate elections but desire organizational and management unification within a single platform.


Given the complexity of the project and the variety of electoral areas involved, the GEDI Group was able to rely on ongoing, omnichannel support provided by Eligo for company online voting. This customer service experience was cohesive, effective, and efficient, contributing to the overall success of the implementation. The GEDI Group thus met the challenge of unifying internal elections with innovation and transparency while maintaining flexibility and autonomy.

100% digitalization of voting
5 times more sustainable process
Increased membership by more than 70%

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