Accredia online assemblies

Online assemblies during the pandemic.

Accredia’s voting challenge

During the pandemic, Accredia, the Single National Accreditation Body designated by the Italian government, faced a significant challenge. With pandemic-related restrictions, it was not possible to hold traditional in-person assemblies. However, Accredia had the important need to continue its internal decision-making process without interruption.

Accredia’s goal was clear: to find a solution to digitize the entire process of setting up an assembly, including managing voting on various agenda items, generating instant reports, and digitally signing the results. In addition, Accredia wanted to integrate this process with a videoconferencing solution to facilitate member participation.

The solution

To meet this challenge, Accredia relied on Eligo. The flexibility of the Eligo platform, combined with the team’s expert support, was key to Accredia’s decision. 

After a period of orientation and onboarding, with training sessions to ensure that the online voting platform was adopted smoothly, Accredia saw how easy the product was for all voters to use. This solution resulted in significant savings in time, resources, and budget compared to traditional systems.

Thanks to Eligo’s digital voting, Accredia members were able to cast their votes during the online assemblies from any device, while ensuring security, privacy and legality.


The body experienced a significant increase in attendance and participation at the meetings, thanks to the digital voting mode that allowed members to log on to the meeting and vote. In addition, with immediate reports and digital signing of results, Accredia has achieved greater efficiency in decision-making.

The move to electronic voting resulted in significant savings in time and resources, significantly reducing the budget required to manage the assemblies. Accredia was able to maintain business continuity and conduct deliberative and critical assemblies even during the challenges posed by the pandemic. 

Ensuring a solution targeted to specific needs
90% increase in participation and turnout
Budget reduction of 80 percent

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