Now no more queues, pencils or hand raises: the vote of the future is a swipe on the smartphone

Leave behind the long lines, worn-out pencils and uncertain hand-raises. The future of voting is here, and it's a "Swipe on the Smartphone." Thanks to the advanced election technologies offered by Eligo, the way we participate in decision-making in public and private organizations is experiencing a true revolution.

Smartphone voting

Your Smartphone, the New Electoral Seat.

Imagine being able to vote as easily as you scroll through your social media feed. With smartphone voting, this vision becomes a reality. All it takes is a swipe to express your preference, making the voting process quick, intuitive and accessible like never before.

Advanced election technologies for organizations public and private

Eligo is at the forefront of this transformation, offering electronic and online voting solutions for private organizations such as UniversitiesMunicipalitiesSchoolsAssociations, Foundations, and Cooperatives. Advanced election technologies not only simplify the process, but transform it into an engaging experience for all participants.

Toward active participation

The transition to smartphone voting is not just a change in method, but a leap toward active participation. With the convenience of voting anywhere and anytime, engagement increases and barriers that limit participation are broken. Voting becomes a spontaneous and participatory gesture.

The security of voting via smartphone

Security is a major concern when it comes to digital voting. However, modern cryptographic technologies and advanced security measures can ensure the integrity and confidentiality of voting. Developers of such platforms are constantly working to create secure and inviolable systems that protect voter data and prevent any manipulation attempts. Collaboration between cybersecurity experts and election authorities is essential to ensure trust in smartphone voting

Tomorrow’s votes

Today, the future of voting is literally at your fingertips. Digital voting combines the convenience of technology with the responsibility of contributing to the decisions of private organizations. With Eligo, your smartphone becomes the new polling station, and voting a modern and immediate experience