ISO 27001: a new quality certification for Eligo

Eligo has obtained ISO 27001 certification attesting to the system's robustness in information security.

Robustness and security for electric and online voting platform

Since the first release of the platform, we have promoted innovation, quality research and iterative refinement as the main drivers. Thus, in a changing and competitive environment, our efforts aim to differentiate the Eligo system by technical and quality specifications. This ongoing commitment to maintaining high quality standards has once again been recognized through the achievement of ISO 27001 certification, which attests to the Eligo system’s robustness in information security.

As electronic and online voting professionals, we are particularly sensitive to the issue of data security. Safeguarding the privacy, integrity and availability of information has always been of paramount importance to us. With a view to continuous improvement, we work side by side with industry professionals, such as DPOs and IT lawyers, to be compliant with Italian and European regulations at all times. In fact, having obtained an ISO 27001 accredited certification demonstrates how Eligo is in line with international best practices and corporate objectives.” – Filippo Pugliatti – Product Owner of Eligo eVoting