How to vote online with Smartphone?

Online voting as a solution to simplify the voting process allows voters to conveniently vote from anywhere via Internet-connected devices. The Eligo system is chosen for its security and secrecy, in fact it separates the voter's data from the digital ballot and prevents duplicate voting.

Now that digital permeates our lives, it is only natural that organizations of various kinds –universitiesmunicipalities, cooperatives, associationscompanies -are looking for solutions to simplify internal processes, including voting processes.

How to vote online securely

In addition to the creation of administrator-side voting, which can be implemented in a few guided steps, the real advantage of online voting is that eligible voters can conveniently vote from anywhere with any Internet-connected device (smartphone, tablet, computer), without worrying about the secrecy and security of the vote. In fact, the Eligo system is designed to separate both technologically and logically the voter’s data from the digital ballot. Simply put, it is impossible for the organization itself that holds the election, the election commission, and even the digital voting platform provider to know who voted for whom or what and to link the two pieces of information.

How to vote online with a smartphone, PC or tablet

Submission of voting credentials

Voters receive digitally all details and information about the election, such as how to vote and access the area, as well as, if provided, credentials for logging in to the voting platform.

Access to the voting area

Respecting the needs of the organization, the voter’s access to the voting area can be via previously received ID and passwordSMS, SPID or CIE, logging in with credentials from other membership systems (single sign-on). The platform automatically verifies that the voter is in all respects an eligible person present in the active electorate and from this moment the voter, following the on-screen instructions, can make his or her choice, selecting list, candidate – depending on the type of ballot – or null ballot.

Confirm and Register Vote

After making his or her choice, the voter can go back or change the selection before finally registering it. From the moment of registration, the vote is irreversible, and the system prevents attempts at double voting.

If requested by the organization, the voter may receive by e-mail or text message notification or receipt of voting.

Online voting is an innovative solution to simplify the voting process, enabling eligible voters to vote online from the comfort of their homes or from anywhere connected to the Internet, through devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers. The Eligo system, for example, ensures maximum security and secrecy of voting by separating voter data from the digital ballot and preventing double voting attempts. Thanks to automatic voter verification, the voter can make his or her choice easily and intuitively, confirming and registering his or her vote definitively.