Eligo reinvents itself: new identity for a Connected and Inclusive Future

Eligo immerses itself in a process of strategic transformation, driven by a desire to remain at the forefront and create a positive impact on an increasingly diverse and international audience.

A strategic transformation for Eligo eVoting

With more than twenty years of experience in electronic and online voting, Eligo is preparing for a new chapter in its history with a revamp of its visual identity. The last few years have marked an era of profound change towards a more technological, inclusive and sustainable world. In a constantly evolving market, Eligo is immersing itself in a transformation process that goes far beyond a new look, driven by a desire to stay ahead of the curve and create a positive impact on an increasingly diverse and international audience.

The clients we interface with on a daily basis, such as Universities, Municipalities, Cooperatives, Associations, Schools, Businesses and Religious Institutions, are different from each other in terms of backgrounds and needs. For this reason, with the recent brand transformation, we are committed to making the visual identity even more versatile and inclusive, while maintaining a solid reputation for professionalism and reliability on a global scale and aiming to create a distinctive identity that is instantly recognizable in the i-Voting and e-Voting landscape.

New logo and payoff

The new corporate payoff, “Your way to vote“, is meant to emphasize the personalization of the voting process and the way to freer, streamlined, faster digital voting. In fact, the tagline plays on the meaning of the word “way,” emphasizing that digital voting is the way to go, preceded by the adjective “your,” which represents Eligo’s flexibility in adapting to the specific demands of each client, positioning itself as the ideal partner to guide organizations along the path toward shared, representative, participatory decision-making.

Your way to vote” is not only our new motto, but the philosophy that guides every one of our technology and design choices. Our vision puts the user at the center, with the goal of providing a voting experience that is not only secure and transparent, but also respectful of everyone’s needs. At Eligo, we believe that technology should adapt to people, and not the other way around.

The logo icon with its stylized representation of the classic voting “X” symbolizes not only the act of voting itself, but also unity and collaboration during a decision-making process. Indeed, the four “ticks” that make up the “X” represent the essence of participation and representativeness.

The color palette, consisting of two hues – red and beige – evokes institutionalism, professionalism and passion, emphasizing a sharper stance on the company’s founding values. These shades, carefully combined, reflect the dedication of the entire team to provide excellence in electronic and online voting solutions.

eligo new visual identity colour palette

The rebranding combines with product evolution on all fronts, from infrastructure to technology to user experience. This allows us to accompany our customers in a smooth and relaxed way toward digitization of voting operations, aligning with modern digital habits and always ensuring maximum security, compliance and accessibility.

The brand transformation is not only aesthetic. Eligo is moving toward a futuristic vision in which electronic voting becomes an even more powerful tool for facilitating democratic participation. We are committed to being pioneers in exploring new technological frontiers to ensure that every voice can be heard fairly and effectively in every decision-making context, from politics to civic organizations, from businesses to communities.  

Eligo is determined to remain at the forefront of an increasingly thriving field by investing in innovation and technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions. With a forward-looking vision and a firm resolve to be a custom-centric platform, Eligo is preparing for a future of growth.