How online voting for unions increases participatory democracy

Online voting in union and RSU elections promotes participatory democracy. With the ease of access and security of digital voting, all union members can participate regardless of their geographical location, ensuring fairer representation and enabling efficient and transparent management of the election process.

Online voting for unions

Why choose online voting for union elections

When unions hold elections online, the process is much more democratic. All union members can participate in voting, regardless of where they live or work. This is a huge advantage for members, as the digitization of voting ensures that everyone-even people unable to physically go to the designated polling station-can make their choice and have an equal say in who will represent them.

Online voting makes it much easier for members to express their choice: they can do so conveniently wherever they are without necessarily being absent from work. This flexibility means that more members are likely to vote, resulting in a more representative democracy.

Finally, online voting for unions ensures accurate and error free vote counting . With traditional paper-based voting, the risk is that ballots are lost or miscounted. With an online voting platform, on the other hand, each vote is recorded in a digital ballot box in a way that is free from the risk of changes and/or tampering. This additional peculiarity of electronic and online voting for unions gives union members more security and the reassurance that they are participating in transparent and indisputable elections.

In addition to the flexibility of being able to vote from any location and device and the ability to have immediate and automatic ballots, electronic and online voting for unions elections, compared to traditional systems, has numerous advantages. These include:

  • you streamline the decision-making process by making it digital, thus smooth and fast;
  • you significantly increase turnout and participation, effectively reaching a quorum;
  • set-up time is dramatically reduced through centralized management of all voting steps and operations;
  • you get immediate results;
  • budgets are reduced by zeroing out the travel and relocation expected for those entities spread nationally and internationally;
  • postage costs for summons and ballots are cut;
  • transparent governance of the process is ensured by monitoring the progress of the vote in real-time.

Digital democracy in unions and business is no longer a utopia, but an unstoppable and irreversible change.